How I Went From Almost Giving Up On My Life to Healing Hundreds of Eczema Sufferers

By Founder Gary Tan K.G.

It all began with a few spots of itchy rashes. I didn’t take it very seriously at first and assumed it was just some minor skin allergy. I really thought that doctor’s medication would solve everything.

But everything changed when a sudden flare-up hit me furiously. I freaked out. I did some extensive research and discovered they were actually withdrawal symptoms on my skin. Immediately, I switched to alternative medication and decided to cure myself the natural way.

However, it wasn’t easy at all. I suffered from insomnia for months due to the intense itching. As you might know, anti-histamines don’t work on severe Eczema. I had to find ways to sleep or else I would end up in a serious mental depression. So I made the hardest choice in my life. It might sound insane to you but I was forced to take sleeping pills when I was only 17. As crazy as it sounds, that was just the beginning of my nightmare…

Specialists Claimed that Eczema Cannot Be Healed

My heart sank to the bottom of the ocean when even the best specialists in KL shook their heads and turned me down.
But what was even more disappointing was that they still insisted that I continue with the steroid treatments. How could they prescribe me something so harmful that they wouldn’t even dare to use on their own skin?! NO WAY!

After all the misery, I was still determined enough to believe in a cure. I tried all the best and most recommended natural moisturizer creams sold at the pharmacy. You know, I kept buying these products and I kept buying those products over and over again. They all worked for a while…

But My Eczema Came Back Even Worse!

And I still had to rely heavily on those moisturizers because if I stopped even for a single day, my skin would wither like green plants in the desert.

I just couldn’t live a day without those nasty creams. It’s miserable to be hooked on those medicated moisturizers with no end in sight. That’s why I feared countless times that I would waste the next 60 years of my life as pathetic as a drug addict.

After jumping from one remedy to another, I realized I had spent over RM 15770 and my condition was still getting worse every day. Eventually, I was immune to all the best moisturizers and strongest steroid creams (up to 600 times potency).

This time, my eczema went totally out of control. Flare-ups, rashes, oozing hives…all together tarnishing my body and my hope. They literally shattered my self-esteem, confidence, health, social life and freedom.

I was completely defeated, helpless, and had lost my faith to continue my battle against my Eczema. At my wits end, the only way I could think of to stop this torture was to give up my own life. Thankfully, I hit a crucial turning point first…

I Stumbled Across This Ancient Master

This indigenous TCM master shared something that changed my entire perspective about Eczema.

He said:

“Eczema is part of allergy, but allergy is not part of Eczema.You can’t heal allergy but you can heal Eczema. Feeding your skin with excessive moisture won’t work; you must terminate its thirstiness.”

That’s when it hit me!

Everything made perfect sense when I looked back at my previous medications. Without a second thought, I tried his remedy and it worked beyond my expectation. About 90% of the itching disappeared by the second day and I slept through the whole night without waking up. My open wounds healed in 3 weeks and all my rashes cleared up.

As I raised my head walking down the street, my heart leaped with excitement. Not a single person could tell that I once had bad Eczema! I regained my long-lost enthusiasm and confidence. My dream of an eczema-free life came true.

I embraced the light at the end of the tunnel. There was no more hiding myself in the dark corner, no more visiting doctors, and no more applying creams. I never thought I could walk out of the dark to pursue my dreams and connect with my friends again.

Leg Eczema Neck eczema

One Day I Met Two Frustrated Sufferers Online

I was enjoying life when I noticed 2 complete strangers seeking online support. I felt compelled to help since this remedy could save them from going through the same agony that I suffered through.

I attempted to offer them guidance with this TCM recipe. They were doubtful and skeptical of my advice initially. But because they were tired of being disappointed by conventional medications, they accepted my help and tried the remedy.

And it worked for them just as it had worked for me! Unexpectedly after 2 weeks, their recovery story went viral on social media. Suddenly, I became the spotlight in the Eczema community.

To be honest with you, I was completely panicked at first. Sufferers from Malaysia, UK, US, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Australia all flooded my inbox to order this remedy.

Big pharmaceutical companies that claimed their moisturizers were “100% natural” became angry with me. They began to intimidate me to stop helping because I was affecting their business.

People are fed up with these companies now that they realize they are keeping us sick by treating the symptoms and never the actual cause of the disease. It’s not our fault that we weren’t shown the RIGHT solution or cure. Those companies want us to be sick, so that we will continue to buy their products. They actually benefit from our suffering!

Thankfully, Eczema sufferers stood by me against them. I still feel incredible that a small act drew me into salvation of over 600 Eczema sufferers worldwide by the time I was only 20 years old .

I’m really thrilled that so many people honored me as the most sought after eczema expert online. And I hope I can continue to help many more sufferers like you to achieve the freedom you deserve.

TCM Eczema Expert & TCM Recipe Founder