After Years Of Suffering And Unsuccessful Treatments, Tan’s Fortuitous Connection With A Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Leads To Helping Thousands Throughout Asia and Beyond


Building his breakthrough natural medicine based marketing company, TCM Recipe, over the past four years, TCM Eczema Expert and TCM Recipe Founder, Gary Tan estimates that he has delivered on his branding slogan “Cheerful Skin, Cheerful Sleep” to over 1,000 people suffering from the painful chronic skin disease.

Touting TCM Recipe as his home country’s #1 traditional Eczema Remedy, the young Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based entrepreneur has extensive clinical proof of its incredible ability not only to heal irritated skin, but inspire new and healthy skin growth via its all natural nutrient extract made from traditional Chinese herbs.

The Asian culture’s general openness to traditional, natural cures has driven an expanding client base throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and the Philippines – and he’s rapidly gaining patients in Australia and the UK. Though he has achieved great regional success thus far, Tan – who suffered from the condition for years before learning about TCM Recipe and experiencing his own healing – is on a mission to popularize its use with sufferers of Eczema throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

Tan is excited to share the good news that those suffering from Eczema now have a new alternative medication beyond harmful steroid creams. Eczema can now be treated with Plant Sterols, natural compounds found in all fruits and vegetables and are essentially vegetable fats that enhance the human immune system. These are foundational elements of the TCM Recipe, which sells for $61 for a 15 g jar.

Recent statistics reveal a growing need for a product proven to cure chronic Eczema. According to the National Eczema Association, there are 31.6 million people in the U.S. with Eczema and at least 17.8 million with moderate to severe Eczema or atopic dermatitis. The prevalence of childhood Eczema and atopic dermatitis is 10.7 percent overall and as high as 18.1 percent in individual states. According to The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, the disease was estimated as of 2010 to affect 230 million people (or 3.5 percent) of the global population.

On his website, Tan presents the results of an Ohio State University clinical dermatological study that reveals another reason why TCM Recipe is such a welcome and necessary breakthrough for Eczema sufferers in cultures where pharmaceuticals are the norm. While stronger pharmaceutical remedies may heal one’s eczema initially, they’re full of dangerous ingredients – including fragrances in moisturizers, Parabens and biologic additives to Benzyl alcohol and Propylene Gycol – which can have a long term negative effect on a patient’s overall health. Ointments and medicines presented as remedies can quickly turn into potentially deadly addictions.

TCM Recipe is the only maintenance-free remedy without any side effects, which allows its users to live a life free from having to apply chemically based creams to their skin every day. It’s about more than the temporary relief traditional treatments offer – it’s about full recovery. It gently soothes dry skin and quenches its “thirst,” retaining all the moisture in the skin and allowing it to breathe; without the ability to breathe, the skin cannot sweat and thus cannot excrete toxins from the body.

In many respects, Tan’s passion and persistence in educating and selling a revolutionary product that fills a crying need in the marketplace makes him the classic entrepreneur. But it’s the personal story behind his passion that makes his success all the more inspiring. It’s a true life tale that starts painfully, incorporates a mystical element that seems straight out of mythology but is real and empowering, and ends triumphantly with Tan helping hundreds of fellow Eczema sufferers.

He was in high school when he was suddenly diagnosed with the chronic skin disease. Eczema is a broad term that applies to a range of persistent skin conditions. These include dryness and recurring skin rashes that are characterized by one or more of these symptoms: redness, skin swelling, itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing or bleeding.

“Everything began with a few spots of itchy rashes, which I thought were just a mild, normal skin allergy,” says Tan. “I visited dermatologists and allergists like most people would do, and they prescribed me steroid-based cream and antihistamine. I was innocent and ignorant. Without knowing the consequences, I used it every day as instructed and was feeling very fortunate because I thought I found the best cure. Until one day after a few years, the few tiny spots led to a miserable and uncontrollable chronic flare up and woke me up. By the time I discovered my nightmare it was too late. I learned that they were withdrawal symptoms on my skin.”

Tan researched these items and wondered how the doctors could prescribe him something so harmful that they wouldn’t even dare use on their own skin. He learned that when patients use steroids, after a certain period of time, their skin cannot recover and will lose its functionality.

“With normal treatments you can recover your skin after a few weeks,” he says, “but with steroids, not even the specialists could do it. Yet that was often the only solution the doctors had to control the inflammation. Often, when there were side effects, their solution was to up the dosage, which obviously only made things worse.”

Tan was still constantly using moisturizers despite stopping all the steroid based cream. He found that while they may not have been as harmful, they were no more useful. To make sure his skin wouldn’t wither, he had to use it every day – and developed what he calls a “miserable” addiction.

“I immediately thought of curing myself in a natural way, but nothing worked,” he says. “I suffered from insomnia and was severely depressed, even suicidal at one point. Eventually, it made me decide to not study further in college.”

Tan knew he had to beat the addiction. That’s when he started to pursue the natural way of healing. Just like any sufferers, he tried all kinds of treatment under the sun – treatments from homeopathy therapy, religious guru, nutritionist, etc.

In the midst of his struggle, a friend gave Tan a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine ointment to use, and he was amazed at its efficacy. About 90 percent of his itching disappeared by the second day, and for the first time in years he slept through the night. Within a few months of using it, he felt like he was back in his own skin. He decided to pay a visit to the TCM Master, a Chinese physician specializing in natural remedies, at his home in Penang.

The master shared something that changed Tan’s entire perspective about Eczema. “Eczema is part of allergy,” the master said, “but allergy is not part of Eczema. You can’t heal allergy but you can heal Eczema. Feeding your skin with excessive moisture won’t work; you must terminate its thirstiness.”

Recounting the experience, which led to a discussion about Tan marketing this amazing but under the radar product to the world, Tan says, “His house is located far from where I live and he is a quiet little man who looks like a master you might expect in movies about such things. He is very traditional minded about his work, but he liked my ideas about how to sell TCM Recipe and I paid him up front for 200 units of cream ointment in a small container. My humble life was forever transformed.”

Though he knew he had a life-changing product, Tan expected a fair amount of skepticism because of his young age and the fact that, as he had been, most Eczema sufferers had gotten their hopes up before about medications that ultimately let them down. Undaunted, he took to social media and began promoting TCM Recipe, sharing his personal experiences with Eczema and how this product cured him, and then posting research he did about the product vs. the terrible side effects of traditional steroid creams. He enjoyed sharing the fact that TCM was a handmade, plant-based product created with unique traditional Chinese medicine. He also shared what he learned about Plant Sterol.

Two complete strangers contacted Tan and purchased the TCM Recipe – which worked for them as powerfully and rapidly as it did for him. Within two weeks, the story of their recovery went viral and Tan found himself in the spotlight in the Eczema community. “I’m happy to say that my customer base grew quickly because I received so many referrals,” he says. “Along the way, I also learned that it can cure psoriasis, vitiligo (the skin disease that Michael Jackson suffered from) and even other skin allergy problems like lupus. Eczema is a genetic disease that has affected many members of my family but thanks to TCM, we are no longer suffering from it.”

Though the master is keeping the formula of his TCM Recipe within his own family, he has taken on Tan as an apprentice, teaching the man who is successfully marketing the product other skills that can help treat Eczema sufferers and patients. In addition to selling the cream, Tan can now serve as an educational consultant. He is constantly doing research to help offer advice to customers who suffer from a variety of other skin conditions.

Just as any marketing person introducing a revolutionary product to an established market, Tan has encountered his share of threats. “Big pharm” companies that claimed their moisturizers were “100 percent natural” became angry with him and tried to intimidate him because he was affecting their business. But as Tan observes, “People are fed up with these companies now that they realize that they are keeping us sick by treating the symptoms and never the actual cause of the disease. Because they benefit financially from our suffering, they are hoping that we will never find the right solution or cure.”

“There are also competitors of mine in the natural medicine market who feel that I am snatching business from them with TCM Recipe,” Tan adds, “and they try to spread false information about how it must be harmful or some variation of steroid cream. Fear leads people to create silly conspiracies, but I combat those with results. I am constantly sharing real life case studies about people who, like me, had once lost all hope of ever living a normal life who are now happy and living fully after six years of misery and Eczema.

“My goal is now to expand the marketing reach of TCM Recipe, especially to more Eczema sufferers in the U.S. and to find investors that can help me market it to the masses,” he says. “Many people are suffering needlessly, and they need to know there is an affordable cure available. Just as I am indebted to the TCM master who creates the product, I feel privileged to be the one to bring it to those who most need it.”

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