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Lilian Chong,
Miri, Sarawak

The Remedy Will Speak For Itself

My son has been having eczema flare up when is he about 3 months old. I brought him to see skin specialist and was diagnosed with severe eczema. His eczema was very bad especially at his face, arms and legs. Doctor prescribed different types of creams which contain steroids from the mild ones to the strongest cream that is available in the market which makes his skin more inflamed and fragile due the thinning effects from using steroids creams.

It was a nightmare for both my son and me as the itch will make him scratch throughout the night and this happens almost every night. Every day and every morning, there are blood stains everywhere on his bed sheets and pajamas. It was really heartbreaking to see his skin condition. Seeing his condition like that, I keep telling myself that there must be something that can help his skin condition. All I can say is I tried lots of lotion and cream that I can find in the pharmacy till I get to know about TCM Recipe. I was not so confident in the product in the first place but I was told that the remedy will speak for itself when I see the improvements on my son

Although I was skeptical to try, I told myself that I got nothing to lose since I’ve tried so many types of lotion/cream for my son. So, I purchased 3 jars of TCM Recipe to try it on my son. Surprisingly, after applying the ointment for few days, I can see his skin is getting better. The skin used to be inflamed has seemed to recover. I find that the ointment helps to reduce the itchiness tremendously. Now, my son can sleep throughout the night and I am very happy with the result. I hope this ointment can help other eczema or skin problem sufferer so that they can lead a normal life.

Thanks TCM Recipe and Mr Tan KG for being helpful and understanding in answering all my questions and doubts.

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image Su Lin Wong,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

For The 1st time In His Life- He Slept Through The Night

My son has been suffering from acute eczema since he was 2 months old. He’s 5 years old now. He has never slept through the night because the itch will just wake him up. He’s also easily frustrated and agitated because of the constant flair ups. We have tried many things. Steroid creams will only help when we continue to use them. When we stop the steroid, the eczema will always come back. I’ve also tried many non-steroidal creams like Epiceram, Atopiclair, Moogoo and other organic creams. I’ve also feeding him supplements like Olivenol, Proboitic and Virgin Coconut Oil. His condition is better but not cured. I come to know about TCM Recipe since 1.5 years ago. Back then after knowing it was a TCM cream, I was skeptical as my boy was a G6PD child and afraid some chinese herbs might not be suitable for him. But after 1.5 years, I was getting desperate.

We have tried using the TCM Recipe for about 1 month now. We started seeing results only after 3 days of application and I was truly happy and impressed. My boy for the 1st time in his life, he slept through the night. His behavior has also improved as he doesn’t itch any more. We are able to go to the park, swim and do things with less caution as we know his condition has improved. I would like to sincerely thank Gary Tan for patiently answering all my questions and worries before I started with the TCM Recipe. Also thank you for sharing this amazing TCM Recipe with me. It has helped my boy tremendously and we are very grateful. It was a life changing moment for us ever since we’ve started with the cream.

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image Tan Pek Pek,
Mentakab, Pahang.

Effectively Solved The Problem And Economically DONE The Job’’

One day I saw there was a small red spot on my daughter’s face and it became rough 2 days later. The first thing came through my mind was eczema which was very common for babies. Then 2 months later the spot on her face grown bigger and bigger and become white and very obvious and her little bum also start have something similar to her face which started to worry me. So I visited doctor when the spot on her face was very dry and her little bum had diaper rash. Then the doctor gave me a lot of medicine which some also contained steroid. I only used those creams without steroid on my daughter’s face and her bum, but it didn’t work.

At that time, TCM Recipe flashed over my mind as I recalled that I read the article before and the comment regarding the product is quite high. So,I decided to give TCM Recipe a shot. And it works out very impressive and effective. The rough skin became smooth within 2 days and white spot at my girl’s face banish within 1.5 month and white spot at her little bum also disappear which took slightly longer time.

A big thanks to TCM Recipe for effectively solved the problem and economically done the job which used only 3 jars only.

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image Daph Tan,
Seberang Perai, Penang.

His Situation Turned ALOT Better
After 2 Days

My brother was having eczema for a few years now. We have done whatever we could such as not bathing with hot water, using special body shampoo and etc. But it doesn’t seem to be helping much so we had to use steroid. The most frustrated thing is that steroid will only take care of your problem temporarily, it often subsides and come back with a greater hit!

There was once my brother was in Singapore and eczema hit him but he didn’t bring his steroid cream. It got worst after a few days as he was too busy to see a doctor and pharmacy don’t simply sell steroid cream without doctor’s prescription. I was very desperate and I’ve read many posts here that TCM Recipe is good. We decided to give it a try. Challenge was, I wanted to order TCM Recipe and have it sent to Singapore, unfortunately he does courier to Malaysia only. Luckily he gave me one of his patients contact and my brother went and purchase the cream from her. My brother was using the cream with doubt initially. Out of his expectation, his situation turned a lot better after 2 days of applying TCM Recipe! Look at the before and after picture.

Thanks again for the amazing cream we are looking forward for a full recovery and I hope many more patients will be beneficial out of it.


image image

(Only 2 days of application!!)


image Wei Ling,
Kuantan, Pahang.

The Rashes Were Completely Cleared And Skin Is Smooth As Before

My boy had heat rashes on his neck since he was 8 months old, especially when weather is hot and his neck is sweaty. It slowly spread to shoulder area. His skin was red and had rough spots. Based on recommendations, I had bought all sorts of creams i.e. rashes cream, non-steroid cream, steroid cream, calamine lotion & also cooling powder from Chinese medical hall. I had tried from one brand to another brand, none of them worked on my boy’s problem.

Two months ago (my boy was 16 months old) & I got to know about this TCM ointment from a FB group. At first, I was reluctant to try this ointment. But after reading the testimonials and was frustrated that none of the creams in the market works, I decided to try it.

I’m very happy & satisfied with the effectiveness of TCM Recipe. Upon first few application of the cream on my boy’s skin, I can see that the rashes subsided. Within a week, the rashes were completely cleared and skin is smooth as before! Today I’m still using TCM Recipe and keep on applying till his skin is completely healed.

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United Kingdom

Look at the difference in my arm!

I just had to write you a testimonial about your wonderful TCM Recipe Cream. After a particularly nasty bout of eczema, I came across your website whilst doing a Google search for natural eczema ointments and creams. I have used steroid creams in the past and thankfully my skin has not become thin or weak but I just wanted to find a more wholesome cure. In the photos you can see, this result took less than a month with only 1 jar of ointment. I had tried other Chinese herbal creams widely available and also chickweed creams as well as the usual E45, 50/50 cream etc available in England but none of them seemed to touch it. If I hadn’t experienced the remarkable results your ointment has given me in such a short space of time, I would not have believed it. My thanks go to you and TCM Recipe.

Don’t ever stop producing it!

Please feel free to give my email address to any prospective customers that would like to ask me anything.

PS. I look more tanned in the “After” photo as I had just come back off holiday.

God bless you.

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Mr Boon,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Now I can live a normal life and my confidence is back when meeting people without the self-consciousness of an eczema sufferer

I had this intractable eczema problem on my back for more than 2 years. It appeared as itchy tiny spots which could turn red patches when I scratched it or was sweating. The condition turned better when the weather was cooler. Because of my skin condition, I have missed my favourite exercise swimming for the last 3 years.

Although most of the time the itchiness did not affect my sleep, at one stage I could not bear with the routine of applying moisturizer day in and day out when it helped me very little. Steroid cream did not help either as the condition came back barely two weeks after stopping using it. I asked myself how long I would have to continue with this kind of life. I searched for cure on the Internet until I had decided to give TCM Recipe a try one and a half month ago.

After applying TCM Recipe for only a week, the tiny spots on my back cleared up and the skin has turned smooth like the normal skin I had before. Since then I hardly need to apply TCM Recipe and it is already a month the skin on my back remains as good as it is. I no longer feel itchy even when I scratch the part of skin which was once eczema prone.

Now I can live a normal life and my confidence is back when meeting people without the self-consciousness of an eczema sufferer.




Benjamin Ho,
Miri, Malaysia.

I love this product and would strongly recommend this product for those who have eczema”

Since young I have eczema. The condition of my skin is always rough, dry and itchy especially the neck area and joints. I’ve seen many skin specialists and tried many types of skin lotion and cream. Doctor would advise me to avoid outdoor activities including swimming because the sweat and chlorine in the water will worsen the condition. So for years, I thought it would be impossible to ever have clear skin. In desperation for a cure, my father helped me to search in the website for natural cure solution and found TCM recipe. He had consulted Gary Tan before he made the purchase online. After applying the cream for three days, my skin condition improved dramatically which is beyond my expectation. In just less than a week, I could feel my skin is much smoother and the itch has gone forever. I am truly amazed with the results. I love this product and would strongly recommend this product for those who have eczema.




Khairol A,
Selangor, Malaysia.

My wife realized the changes and she supported me to further use the product”

My name is Khairol Anuar, a married man age 45 from Rawang, Selangor. First of all I would like to thank you to TCM Recipe for the wonderful products with the best natural formula to help a person like me who is having excema for almost six years.

Just to share with all of you out there that before I’m using TCM Recipe myself really having a sleepless night with the itchy skin especially on my neck, hand and chest. Every night I feel very uncomfortable because I can’t tolerate the itchiness and always scratch my skin until it became rough and wounded. This situation prolong day by day, and as a result of it I can’t have a good sleep and moreover during day time I can’t stand under direct sunlight which once the body start sweating and then again I will get the itchy skin.

I have been using so many products until a miracle happened once I started to use TCM Recipe. Just within the first few days after applying the ointment I can see a drastic improvement on my skin. It really reduce the itchiness, help me to have a good sleep and my skin become smoother and it eliminate the rough skin line and the redness on the my skin. I feel much better now with my daily routine and it really helps me a lot. My wife realized the changes and she supported me to further use the product. I personally recommended to those having excema to use the product and see the difference. Once again thanks to the TCM Recipe.




Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

I can now continue with my love to travel without having to think of the weather and how it will affect me”

The first time I got eczema was when I was in my early 20s. As I was still young the use of steroid worked and I didn’t get any bad flareups again, just a few bumps every now and then.

Then when I was in my mid 40s, I had a very bad flareup again. I applied my usual ointment but it did not work anymore. I scratched and it started to spread to almost whole of my body. And also because of the hard scratches it started to weep. This lasted for almost 3 years.

Then my cousin recommended me to consume botanical herbs medicine which will be a detox program. The detox will flare up and flush out all the steroids that I have been using all these years. True enough my eczema flared up my whole body. Even both my eyes became inflamed. I had to wear sunglasses everywhere I went! Both my feet and hands also became inflamed and infected and this lasted for almost 4 months.

This was when I came across Gary Tan’s TCM on the internet after googling. I don’t know why I didn’t come across this earlier but thank God I found when I did.

I was quite sceptical at first because of the usual things sold online. Also because of the price. But I told myself I should just give it a try for my own sake.

I got my parcel 2-3 days after I placed my order. I applied it on my affected area and 2 days later I could see a lot of improvement! And a few days after that it just got better and better! Everyone who has used steroid creams know that after our skin got better, it will flare up again. But not after using Gary Tan’s TCM cream. AND one thing that I am so happy is that it helps to reduce the itchiness – A LOT!!!

Now after 3 months of constant use I can eat and wear anything I want and go out any time without worrying about being uncomfortable and irritated with itch. I can now continue with my love to travel without having to think of the weather and how it will affect me.

I can’t thank you enough Gary Tan for this miracle cream. I always recommend this cream to friends who have the similar problem. I also continue applying it although my eczema has improved tremendously as it also acts like a moisturiser for me.

Gary Tan, please don’t stop producing this wonderful cream, ok?




Helen K,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I can handle it easily without applying steroid”

Like normal eczema baby’s mama, I have been trying so many types of those so called steroid-free but proven efficient in treating eczema cream, but none of the product can really see improvement.

My son had eczema since 6 months old. was really heartbroken when seeing eczema flare up on his face at first, then body joints and all over body when age 2 years +. This led to poor sleeping quality as he had to scratch all over the body even while sleeping.

In order to improve the eczema condition I have no choice but continue applying steroid. This made me felt guilty to my son as I was warned that there might be side effect which cause the skin thinner and become sensitive when grown up. So I never give up in finding a very good steroid cream even I still didn’t find any after 1 year + of trying ‘N’ times of different brands steroid- free cream. Till one day I was thinking why not look for traditional Chinese medication if ‘western’ style lotion don’t help.

Then I found TCM Recipe. I started to see improvement after 2 weeks of applying the TCM Recipe. Actually I only use very, very little dosage as the price to me is at high side. Now my son can have very good ‘deep’ sleep now as itchiness is gone. Of cos there are sometime still come back if he accidently taken the allergen food but if compare to before now I can handle it easily without applying steroid.

Thanks to your superb product!

Finally, I would like to share with you my happy boy photo with the attached. Too bad I didn’t take any ‘before’ photo cause I wish not to remember those hard times that my son had before, I only want to keep good memory in my photo.




Fazlina A,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Now I do not scratch all the time and I sleep better!”

The biggest frustration that I had was, I tried almost all the products for eczema and fungus infection that I could find. Be it steroid or non-steroid product. I even buy any supplement that was recommended for eczema. From the cheapest to the most expensive, I’ve tried them all. But yet the itch, sores and wounds just does not go away. Not to mention the disturbed sleep for the last many years. Now I do not scratch all the time and I sleep better!

It took about 1 week to clear off the stubborn and recurring eczema. Now I purchase for ‘maintenance’ purposes.

Now I go around promoting to friends how TCM helps me. Thank you!




Theresa Chin,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

His school friends who used to tease him “bacteria boy” or “disease boy” had stopped making fun of him”

I did not face any problem when I decided to buy TCM Recipe one month ago for my eczema son. At that moment I was desperate and hopeless as well as my son. He is 10 years old. He suffered from eczema since he is a baby. I brought him visited many skin specialists in town and also tried all sort of creams and foods either prescribed by the doctors or recommended by friends and pharmacists. But until one month ago, he still suffered from severe body itchiness. So, at that time, I was really desperate and would try out anything to ease my son itchiness. Then, thanks God, by chance one day I logged into internet and found TCM Recipe. After reading, without hesitation, I ordered one bottle.

TCM Recipe works like a magic cream. My son had a good night sleep without taking antihistamine on the first night he used the cream. Since then, he totally stopped all sort of oral medications and I threw away all the steroid creams. His skin improved tremendously since then and now as smooth as silk. He called TCM Recipe “super cream”. Before this, my mother-in-law never believe in Chinese medicine, but now she would recommend TCM Recipe to anybody that have skin problem after she witnessed herself how TCM Recipe miraculously cured her grandson eczema within a short span of time.

TCM Recipe not only solved my son eczema problem but most importantly, without eczema, he is now a much happy boy who can concentrate on his study and enjoys outdoor activities. His school friends who used to tease him “bacteria boy” or “disease boy” had stopped making fun of him. My son skin now is much smoother and fairer than most of his friends. Thanks to TCM Recipe. He is now a happy and confident little boy. Again, on behalf of my son, a big thank you to TCM Recipe.

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Aya T,
Selangor, Malaysia.

My only regret is not knowing TCM Recipe earlier”

My son’s eczema issue was getting worst & worst for 3 years. From his legs, it spread to his hands, butt and sometimes face. It’s so sad to see him scratch all day and night. He doesn’t deserve this.

I’ve tried so many creams, lotions and body shampoos to try to improve, stop or cure his conditions but none on them help. Then, I have no choice but to use steroid creams and tried so many kinds even though I know the side effects. They did help a while but after a year, the steroid creams were no longer effective. Everytime there’s a new breakout after clearing the rashes.

Everyone especially my “in laws” were making a lot of fuss and kept blaming me on his food intake & hygiene. I even stop my son from having eggs, chickens, milk or anything that possible contribute to worsen his condition but nothing much improve. I even brought him to skin specialist that cost me over rm100.00++ per visit but nothing helps.

One day, I was googling on the effective creams for eczema and I came across TCM Recipe website. I was impressed because the founder, Gary Tan was so young himself. I found hope after reading the testimonials & feedback from his customers but at the same time, I was quite worried that the feedbacks were fake like some of the reviews from other websites.

Due to my desperate situation, I decided to order 15g first as I’m worried that it doesn’t work. I was so excited when I got my parcel and immediately applied it to my son’s legs. Surprisingly, I can immediately see improvement after 1 day of application. After 4-5 days, rashes were reduced dramatically. This cream doesn’t just stop the rashes but also helps to improve the scars & improve the skin textures. This cream is just miracle.

My only regret is not knowing TCM Recipe earlier. If I have bought TCM Recipe earlier, he would not have scars and I wouldn’t have used steroid creams on my son’s skin. My son’s eczema problem has improved and stop. However, I’m still using the TCM Recipe to cure or lighten his old scars.

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Now all of my family are being grateful and my son can sleep well”

My son is 13 years old and he is suffering from eczema since he was 3 months old until now. He had been under skin specialist by hospital. He was reviewed by doctor every appointment and was given steroid cream. We had also tried so many types of cream product locally & internationally. However, it was only cured for a few days and need to apply frequently, and some did not cure at all. I was really pity with him that he was not able to sleep well because he always scratches his skin. He also cannot stay too long under the sun, because sweating causes him to scratch.

Big thanks to TCM Recipe product, now all of my family are being grateful and my son can sleep well.

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Allison Brooke(2.5 years old),
Florida, United States.

I have clear skin for the first time ever in my life!”

My biggest frustration was itching! My eczema itched like crazy! I scratched till I bled, and it just made it so much worse. I would wake up in the middle of the night itching! Very annoying!

Yes, thank you tcm!! Within a few days of using the cream, my eczema vanished and so did the itch!!! How fantastic!

All the redness, rash, dry skin, and itch all disappeared! This product is amazing!!! I have clear skin for the first time ever in my life!

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Allan L,
Miri, Malaysia

We no longer need any other medication”

Amelie has suffered from eczema since two years old. After trying all sorts of medication, including steroids, lotions, creams and changing her diet, body soap, shampoo, laundry detergent we resorted to oral steroids. Certain combination of medication and creams and diet worked for a while but the eczema always comes back.

Not having a good night’s sleep was Amelie’s biggest problem, affecting her health and development generally.

After we tried TCM we no longer need any other medication. She eats what she wants and she sleeps through the night now. She is a happy child again.

I attached 2 sets of before and after photos of Amelie’s arm. It shows the results and effectiveness of TCM recipe after only 4 days of usage.

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Beatrice Yeoh,
Montrosa, Singapore.

I am recommending this cream to friends with similar problem”

I have been using TCM Recipe cream now for the past two weeks. I have been suffering from eczema of my palms for more than 10 years since my menopause. I have been a patient of the Singapore Skin Centre all this while and done all sorts of treatments including light therapy besides the normal prescription of anti-histamines, steroid cream, bath soap, cream etc. Recently the eczema even affected my face! That is when I became desperate and asked my doctor who is a Professor at the Singapore Skin Centre for more aggressive treatment. My doctor wanted me to try a new treatment using a drug for transplant patient! I panicked as this looks like a lethal drug as I have to do blood testing every week to monitor my liver! That is when I went online and found TCM Recipe!

This is the second week of using TCM Recipe and I do not have to take my day and night anti-histamine nor any steroid cream!

My hands still itch a little in the morning but after I put on the cream, it will subside.

I am recommending this cream to friends with similar problem. I attach a picture I took of my palm before and after application of this cream.

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AFTER : image







Maria M,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Now he cries less, sleeps better, plays better and is much more cheerful than before”

Dear TCM, this is my story…

My son suffered from eczema since he was 10 months old (he is 4 years old now). Me and my husband have tried all kind of creams i.e. those prescribed by the dermatologist, creams available in the pharmacies, steroids and etc.

One day my husband decided to bring my son to a dermatologist where the doctor actually prescribed my son with liquid steroid for consumption! That scares the life out of me and that was when I found out about TCM and decided I need to give it a try.

At first i was sceptical because I’ve tried so many creams (I even ordered some from uk/aussie/new zealand). To make it worse, my son will scream and cry whenever we apply anything on him. To my surprise, when I applied TCM to his leg (swelling and bruising – see picture) he didn’t make a fuss and was happily chatting with me.

Now he cries less, sleeps better, plays better and is much more cheerful than before.

Thank you TCM for this great medicine!

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Sylvia H,
Miri, Malaysia.

My skin looks healthy unlike other eczema cream which left dry patches on my skin”

My biggest problem when I decide to try TCM Recipe is whether it is worth it as it is quite expensive. Finally I gave in as TCM Recipe is made from herbal. Luckily I don’t regret try it as it solve my 18 years eczema problems! My skin doesn’t feel dry & itchy any more. Moreover my skin look healthy unlike other eczema cream which left dry patches on my skin. Most happily is that my swollen ankle gone too.

I hereby attached my both elbow:

BEFORE : image

AFTER : image






Choo TW

I even went for a golf game this week and my palms remained well after that!”

I started experiencing eczema on both my palms 4 years ago at 49. The symptoms became very severe and the skin on both my hands were dry, peeling, intense itching with blisters oozing with liquid and the pain of cracked skin was excruciating.

I underwent several consultations with doctors from the National Skin Centre Singapore but each time I was told my eczema will be recurring in my life. The doctors prescribed steroid creams after steroid creams, but the cycle of eczema continued : apply steroid cream – skin gets better – apply skin moisturizing cream – skin seems better for a week – then Eczema rears its ugly head and starts the whole process again. I tried many recommended moisturising creams but the eczema cycle could not be eradicated fully.

This condition caused me to minimise shaking hands with my business associates or friends as I did not want them to feel my rough skin or see the terrible skin condition of my palms. I couldn’t play much golf as each time after a golf game the eczema got worse. I was frustrated and resentful each time my skin breaks out again and again.

On Nov 4/2014, my wife Judy chanced upon TCM Recipe website. She was intrigued by the fact that the cream was made from all natural ingredients and no artificial chemicals. She bought a 15g bottle for me to try. That proved to be a turning point!

After the first few applications of the cream, I could see the following unfolding:

  • Redness of skin subsided
  • Itch stopped, no new blisters formed
  • Skin remains protected from being dry
  • Skin begins its healing process nicely

I was amazed! Even in air conditioned rooms, my palms did not feel dry and irritated. I even went for a golf game this week and my palms remained well after that!

Thank you TCM Recipe for sharing & making this healing cream available for all of us. I am looking forward to a full and complete recovery on my palms and I know it shall be soon.

P/S: I hv enclosed 2 photos.

BEFORE : image

AFTER : image






Alan Quek,
Tampines, Singapore.

She can enjoy during PE lesson without pain on her skin”

My daughter Amberly Quek, 7 years old this year, had Eczema since march 2014.

She was having itch problems every day. She scratched at home and school whole

day till bleeding. During night time, she never had peaceful sleep. The itch woke her up and she keep scratching non-stop, she’d cry and shout “Pain! Pain!” loudly during mid-night until my whole block can hear her crying every night!

Her mother scratched for her every night till morning. We brought her to Skin Special, Healing Resonance, skin centres. After applying their moisturizers, Dermasone, Fucicort and other medicine. Her skin became thinner and unable to squat down. She didn’t want to attend PE(physical education) lesson because when she squat down the skin is “pulling” and feeling pain. She also had difficulties in wear clothes. The itch did not improve and every night and she couldn’t have peaceful sleep. We suffered for 6 months. We felt so sorry for her for unable to treat her Eczema. She is so young and suffering from this skin problem. I continued searching for other medication for her.

By searching on the internet I saw TCM Recipe but I was thinking whether to try it or not because I had bad experience with Healing Resonance. Healing Resonance was unable to treat Eczema. This round I read very carefully on TCM Recipe web site all the detail and checked all the ingredient and I decided to try because all its ingredients can remove heat from the skin and I don’t have any other solution. I ordered a small bottle to test from internet and paid transportation fee. I wrote to enquiry on about how to apply this product. Through your email, you explained to me how to use and what food shouldn’t be taken. I waited 10 days for your product. When the product arrived, I collected at Singapore Post. I looked at it and it was so small bottle.

I was thinking, how good is this cream? I brought back and applied on my daughter’s hands and legs(all the Eczema areas) on the first, second and third day. She still had the itch but the skin changed colour to become dark-brown and no more itch, night time still scratches but the frequency cut down. After one week later, it was great because the itch totally gone, night time she can sleep peacefully and she did not wake up by the itch. She can enjoy during PE lesson without pain on her skin. In total, I used 3 bottles and now she’s recovered. I really want to thank your product (TCM Recipe) because it released us from suffering skin problem. My daughter’s skin is now beautiful thank you for your product once again.

I also recommended the product to my mother in-law her feet skin crack until she can’t walk. Now with this cream, she applied for 2 weeks and her condition has recovered by 60%. She will continue to use your product. She was so happy. Your product is a good product. I will recommend to all people who are suffering from skin problem. Thank you very much. With your product everyone will have a healthy skin. Thank you!

Attached is the photo before and after:

BEFORE : image

AFTER : image






Mr Tan,
Miri, Malaysia.

It helped me mentally and I am feeling good”

I have very bad eczema on my two legs and some parts of my hands. And I have seen skin specialist and using steroid cream and some Chinese oil but improvement seen was minimal and did not last long and eventually I gave up. Until I came across your advert online and I bought my first jar from you and after using for almost 1 month I started to see great improvement to the skin condition and I purchased some more jars from you subsequently. Now after 5 months my skin condition is still clear except the dark spots/marks are still there. It has greatly helped my eczema problem. It helped me mentally and I am feeling good. I began to introduce to my grand daughter and friends as well.

BEFORE : image

AFTER : image






Polly A.
Sandakan, Malaysia.

I can enjoy some time playing and talking with him now”

My baby has been suffering from eczema for 3 months now. He used to scratch his face, body and scalp due to itchiness. We constantly need to stop him from scratching by swaddling him. He used to have difficulties in having deep sleep at night because of the itchiness and discomfort. Besides, we have gone to a few baby specialist and even skin specialist doctors which prescribe us with steroid cream, which made his skin even more dry.

We decided to search for another cream. Upon stumble upon this cream on the internet, I immediately asked my sister to order this product. There is no harm to try it since I have try many other cream which did not work. Ta-daa!!! After applying twice the ointment, my baby skin condition appeared to be much better and smoother. This product has helped my son’s eczema tremendously in short period of time. No more red itchy rash for my baby. He can now have a good night sleep.

More-over, his mood is now better that before. I can enjoy some time playing and talking with him now. I no longer need to keep swaddling him again and again. He is now a happy baby.

Thank you TCM Recipe in making such a miracle cream.

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Sarawak, Malaysia.

I hope my testimonial give those who have been hesitating to give TCM a try”

It was recommended by a family friend but I did not take action immediately. The cost itself turns me off and I keep delaying. After weeks pass by and constant pestering of my mom, I took the initiative to act.

I have been using long sleeves most of the time. Yes it’s frustrating and I hope all this would pass soon. I would say I do not regret buying this product. As can be seen from the photos my hands are doing quite well and the legs of another family member is improving, thou a bit slow due to the seriousness. This problem is not a recent one but have been on going and the frustration we get is not measurable.

She felt such relief on the conditions of her legs and is also gaining on her confidence.

We start on the application on 18/8/14. We both have allergy and according to doctor both have a different type. We have used western medication for application before and now turn to TCM, as recommended by family friend.

I also tried on pimples scar/bumps which don’t seem to flatten after months and months. It was like a miracle as it flattens out after a few weeks. I was trying out to see whether it helps and it does. I have tried out on other allergy scars, which were really stubborn and the bumps also are starting to flatten out.

Patience is really needed and advice on not taking chicken or egg for at least two months should not be taken lightly for flare up will occur. Of cos’ some other food is also one of the causes.

I hope my testimonial give those who have been hesitating to give TCM a try. If you’re not satisfied of cos you can call Gary Tan on any complaint. So far it’s a thumbs up for me.

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Penang, Malaysia.

Outings with the family is not stressful now as people have stopped staring at him”

My 6 year old son has been struggling with eczema since he was 3 month old…

My biggest frustration with this problem is with the extensive wounds he suffered all over his body due to intense scratching and how he was frustrated when he has to go to school with bandages around his elbow and ankle. Night time was miserable for us, as he would wake up midnite at 2-3 o clock with fluid oozing from his eczema and blood on the sheets. I have to dress his wound before bandaging it and slowly coaxing him to sleep.

Tears never stop falling down my cheek when I see him suffer like this. Countless visits to his dermatologist have been unyielding with high doses of steroids and antihistamines prescribed to him. The lesions seem to be quiescent while on steroid but upon withholding steroids, it flares up quite badly. My performance in work is also affected as a result of countless night awakening and my son too misses school quite often when he has acute flare ups…sigh

I happen to know about this miracle medicine while I was browsing thru the net few weeks ago. It immediately crossed my mind that this maybe the solution that I have been waiting for. I contacted Gary Tan and within 2 days. I received my bundle of joy that have changed our lives all together. Alhamdulillah(praise to God). I saw tremendous improvement within 3 days. This is something overwhelming as he has chronic eczema over the years and I have tried almost everything under the sun including homeopathy. He was so happy that discharges over the wounds has stop oozing and he is not smelly anymore and happy to go to school without bandages.

Apart from him, my whole family is happy with his changes. I am not grumpy anymore, his younger brother is happy that abang(brother) is not always crying or scratching and abang brings him for bicycle rides. His grandfather is happy coz Aiman no longer cries at school or after school coz he cant play football with his friends as he is ashamed with his skin(tok wan sends him to school). His teacher smiles happily saying she is so happy that Aiman is more cheerful and is a promising footballer! Outings with the family is not stressful now as people have stopped staring at him(his face used to be bright red and his hands scaly and he never stop scratching). Now, weekly outing with dips in the swimming pool is a rather looking forward event weekly…

Thank you TCM for being the remedy that we have long waited for. I’m praying hard that all kids who suffer from this problem will finally find a cure from your medicine, thanks again for changing our lives.

You can have a look at his picture and compare to what he is now. I have been only using this medicine for 1 week now.

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Jefferson S,

I finally could exercise after more than 8 months (due to oozing legs)”

I had eczema since young and have been using steroids since a young age. However eczema never stop and I learned about steroids withdrawal symptom. And the withdrawal symptoms were really bad. I tried Chinese medicine for 8 months plus and the condition only gotten worse, that’s when I decided to give this medicine a try.

Shortly after using this medicine my conditions improve almost immediately. Within a week I went from oozing leg to a non-oozing leg. Currently I haven’t fully recover by I think I’m on the right path. You can see the dates from the photo. My left leg recovered faster as I started using the medicine first.

With eczema gone I’m a much happier person, I finally could exercise after more than 8 months (due to oozing legs).

P.S: I tried 3 different Chinese cream on my leg. See pic 2, this one works the best.

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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Now I can wear tight jeans and short sleeve t-shirt without any hurts”

I have extremely bad eczema since I was a kid. It was to the point where I had to be bandaged for 20+ hours a day, which I’m sure you can imagine it’s absolute hell for active kid like me. Although I have no allergies, my skin has always reacted badly to all products. I’ve tried so many steroid medication to heal my eczema.

My skin got better over the years, but this year it took a bad turn, and closely resembled what it was like when I was little, only rather than all over, it mostly struck my lower legs. It honestly looked as though I had been burned all over. And I believe it is all because of the steroid medication. Anyhow, after giving up most hope on creams and being given a huge range of tablets and oil recommendations from the doctors, I decided to give a try for non steroid cream called TCM Recipe from the internet. After hearing a story from the founder of this cream, I decided to go ahead and give it a go- no harm in trying, right?

The results of this product have been absolutely phenomenal. After only two weeks of continuous use, the eczema on my legs was almost completely gone, not to mention that it provides instant relief. And now I can wear tight jeans and short sleeve t-shirt without any hurts.

Lastly, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to TCM Recipe cream. I can’t even begin to say how incredible it feels to finally find something that works!

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